We want Christian musicians to know they have a home here!

If we narrowed down what we do to a simple mission statement, it would be “to help Christian musicians.” That’s really it.

  • Lowest item costs mean higher profits for artists (over 20% lower than our nearest competitor!)
  • Every listing can include information about the artists, including contact information for booking
  • Artists can include music videos on their listings
  • Every artist gets their own [artistname].mycbs.shop link to share with their fans!

No other online store currently does any of these things!

Let’s be honest, isn’t it about time we had one site where you can find tshirts from all your favorite bands and artists and at reasonable prices? Or to find things you simply can’t get anywhere else?

With hundreds of tshirt designs from different artists, we’re not just a web store, we’re a virtual Christian music mall!

Christian music is a ministry. By working directly with the artists, we are able to support their ministries through our stores.

Jesus died for us; we live for him.